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Armor Realty Mortgage, LLC

1301 7th Street NW

Washington, DC 20001


Phone: +1 202- 588-0050

Fax: +1 202-588-1888

E-mail: armorrealtyllc@gmail.com

Instagram: asa.ewings

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Facebook: Asa Ewings

Armor Realty Mortgage,LLC has all the appeal and proximity of a local realtor and managing agent, with the experience of a realty giant! We will guide you through every aspect of your  purchase, sale, leasing and management of your residential real estate in the Washington DC area.

The Principals of Armor Realty Mortgage, LLC have served as your local managing agent and realtor since 1977. We specializes in the management of government subsidized housing programs of all types and have done for many years and we provide that "hometown" know-how you won't find anywhere else.  All of our managers and realtors are long time residents of the area, and are experts at answering any questions you may have about the community.

Whether you're moving out, moving in or just moving on, let us help you find the property that meets your demands. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our clients each and every set of the way. We have the respect of local agents who are eager to work with us because we are there for them and are easy to work with. The principals have been in the real estate business as a licensed real estate broker, property manager and appraiser for many years particularally the REO type business for over 15 years. We were doing REO's  long before the phrase was coined. We are the last to  serve as a HUD Area Management Broker, before they contraced out their disposition services. As well as one of the local Veterans Affairs Area Managers before they also contracted out their Property Management Services. The company is very effective at doing BPO's and CMA Listings, Cash for Keys and so on. The company is directed by one of the areas most decorated real estate professionals.

The Broker and Managing Agent at Armor Realty Mortgage, LLC is;

Asa Ewings, Broker, CREA, CHI, PM


Bio: A licensed Broker, Property Manager, and Appraiser who has worked in the real estate business in a meaningful manner for 38 years doing Sales, Management, Appraisals, and disposition REO type work. Is a long-time resident of the Washington DC area, is very familiar with the area market and its many quirks. Love helping people find the property that suits them best, there's nothing more rewarding than a satisfied customer. He is one of the most decorated real estate professionals in the area; Real Estate Broker,  Property Manager, Certified General Real Estate Appraiser, Certified Housing Inspector, Operating Engineer, and former DC Real Real Estate Commissioner and Insurance Producer. Know the neighborhoods and market conditions very well. Am affiliated with the National Association of Realtors, The Greater Washington, DC Association of Realtors, The Housing Inspection Foundation and The National Center of Housing Management.


Phone: +1 202- 588-0050


E-mail: armorrealtyllc@gmail.com