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Our Specialties

Armor Realty Mortgage, LLC is a minority owned real estate and property management company. Armor Reality is incorporated and licensed in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, with headquaters based in Washington, DC. The companys members have a considerable amount of experience in all phases of residential management, specifically managing and operating federally insured housing communities for low and moderate income, elderly and disabled families.

The organization is dedicated to the principle that every family and person is entitled to a decent home whether it is existing or new housing opportunies provided by various housing acts enacted by Congress. We believe in equal oppurtunity regardless of race, color, national origin and economic circumstances. We have managed virtually every type of housing program such as 236 Rent supplement with Section 8, 221 d3 and d4, 202 Elderly Section 8, Section 223 with Section 8, cooperatives, condominiums, home owners' association, variety of mix-use properties and commercial properties.

The company's members have managed properties that had multiple programs under the same roof. Such as public housing units, housing choice vouchers program, market rate units, and LSMA Section 8 units. We believe that the key to successful management is the ability to understand the owners objectives, as well as Federal and Local Law requirements. Armor Realty Mortage, LLC can respond accordingly thus furnishing clients with the best talent available to accomplish their objectives.